Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sallie Krawcheck's Use of Social Media

By Zach Kouwe 

I recently shared my views on former Merrill Lynch executive Sallie Krawcheck’s use of Twitter in an article in RIA Biz, an online publication targeted at Registered Investment Advisors. Many RIA’s and financial advisors have begun using social media to establish themselves as thought leaders in the investment community and land new clients. While there are risks, especially if you’re inexperienced with social media, it can be effective if done correctly. Krawcheck is certainly making good use of the medium.

 From RIA Biz
“She’s always been known in the industry as a straight-shooter,” says Zach Kouwe, senior account executive for Dukas Public Relations, a New York-based financial PR firm. “She’s trying to re-establish her voice in the financial community. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her start her own financial advisory firm.” See: Six things to consider when reading Sallie Krawcheck’s comments in interviews.
 “This is a great example of how social media, even in the very conservative financial space, can be used to get your message out there and establish yourself as a thought leader,” Kouwe says. “I think it’s a great move; I think she does it well.” See: Three ways to use social media in turbulent markets.