Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some news about me. . .

Here's an excerpt from The Bulldog Reporter's piece on my promotion at DukasPR.

Kouwe Promoted to Director at Dukas Public Relations  
Dukas Public Relations (DPR; www.dukaspr.com), a financial public relations agency, announced that Zach Kouwe has been promoted to a director in the asset management and hedge fund group. In his new position, Kouwe will increase his management and advisory responsibilities with many of DPR's leading clients to help them achieve their strategic communications goals. 
Kouwe joined DPR in early 2011 as a senior account executive after nearly a decade as a journalist. Over the past two years, he has played a key role in servicing clients in DPR's growing asset management practice, which has increased by approximately 60 percent over this time period.