Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oaktree Sees a Bubble Brewing in the Debt Market

By Zach Kouwe

The always interesting Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital Management shares his latest thoughts on where we are in the market today. Hint: He is seeing a huge bubble brewing in the debt markets as investors reach for yield in junk bonds and accept larger risks in Treasuries. Marks is one of my favorite investment managers, primarily because he started a firm that invests in all sorts of complex financial instruments and works on behalf of large, sophisticated investors such as pension funds, but still finds a way to explain his thoughts in a way that can be easily understood by people with little background in finance. 

Marks' public relations skills have enabled him to become a leading voice in the investment community. All he has to do now is get on social media and he can raise his profile even more. Sally Krawcheck, formerly of Merrill Lynch, has done this successfully as I mention in RIABiz. Thought leadership pieces like this one below are important for any company, no matter what industry, to demonstrate to the public their unique philosophies and position in the market.